Friday, June 15, 2007

Who coined the word "compromise" ?

Relationships- they are so much about our choice in life. I once read in a magazine that there are as many as 500 perfect matches for a person. Its just that they are scattered all across the world. Then how can we settle on “the one”? The one is a choice we make, when we see someone who makes us stop in our tracks! You can be the CEO at office, but if you listen to somebody, that is “the one”. You don’t have a problem if you appear small to “the one”, you can paint the world red if “the one” wants, you can be on ur knees or you can jump off the tallest bridge…all to prove that he or she is “the one”. But at all these points you make the choices - to do something, to prove something, to make the other person feel something!

And after you are with “the one”- why do the choices disappear, why aren’t they in consideration anymore. Why cant you not go the movie if u don’t want to, why can’t you wear red if you want to, why can’t you go to a party thrown by your friend (that he/she doesn’t like)?? Why do we become chained to “have to” or “should” suddenly, when the reason you are together in the first place is because you wanted to! We all say, its about compromising – I’d say hell why?

You take on the entire world to be together and then you compromise….why oh why, did you make that choice???

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sam said...

ummm........ given teh situation you are talking about, I must say one thing.... in the beginning its about wooing someone.. but you don't really live with that person!! it's when you live, you have a full fledged relationship, dats wen you end up compromising becuase should everyone follow their heart's desire.... things would get too chaotic to handle.... not exaclty a pretty scenario now is it?? So that's why despite unfathomable love, two individuals do compromise!! it's a necessary evil!!