Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out of hibernation...finally!

I think it’s the right time to come out of hibernation now….the last few months have been so fast, so busy and so so much has actually happened….we had the annual festival at work yesterday…a rather star studded event..Kunal Ganjawala and Anushka Manchanda….loud, fun party for all and culmination of 4 months of rather hard work for my team, doubled as a lot of things and ended up being security in charge in a small area…but I had the best time looking at people who were all having a great time and suddenly that’s want mattered! And my best friend at work got married the same day…was there for her wedding…and wat a feeling…rather ecstatic, I am so happy for her…am so happy for them both….I don’t have pic, otherwise I’d have put it up here!
The last few months made me feel that life is not abt all the big things- sure ambition and success are important, but what matters at the end of the day is living for today and enjoying it immensely – that’s precisely what I had been doing for the last few moths. I initially started writing coz there was some void in my life – my relationships, friends, life, work- something missing and then I had fulfillment- each and every day was better than before! I immensely enjoy work and it shows, within 4 months I have gone from becoming an under performer to an over achiever…I have already achieved my goals and new ones are being set in place and what a feeling! And I just realized that we all are good, but we can’t be good in everything we do, there are thing we are absolutely great at and some things pathetic at…but we should take pride in that and hope for things and time to give us opportunities so that we could do things we like…work is not about superheroes…and everyone has weaknesses, and its okay ….that’s how we are!
And I rediscovered love, at least another meaning which I couldn’t find in all these years…from being fiercely independent to rather basking in the glory of being loved – I have take to being with someone all the time, and never get enough of it. that’s rather unusual…an with it has come insecurity and jealousy which I am keeping at bay…coz from my past I have learned that nothing that is perfect stays the same for very long, and in pursuing sustenance, I have lost…but this time its about being absolutely me and not worrying much and every might I know I might wake up to change tomorrow, or I might just wake up to being more familiar…but I am glad I spent today that way that I did!

Written too much in one post…would get back to being regular now…and here’s a special dedication to my friends who are now settled in blissful matrimony – your love story makes me believe that its just about taking a step at a time and knowing all the way that u can!

Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Jhingan!
This is especially for you….