Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's all about money Honey!

An excerpt from 'Eleven Minutes' by Paulo Coelho

"....Money! A special piece of paper, decorated in sombre colours, which everyone agreed was worth something- and she believed it, everyone believed it – until you took a pile of that paper to a bank, a respectable, traditional, highly confidential Swiss bank and asked: ‘Could I buy back a few hours of my life?’ ‘No Madam, we don’t sell, we only buy!’

Maria was woken from her delirium by the sounds around her. ‘But this can’t be exactly an earth-shattering discovery. Everyone must know what I feel. They must know.’

But they didn’t. She looked around her. People were walking along, heads down, hurrying off to work, to school, to the employment agency, to Rue De Berne, telling themselves: ‘I can wait a little longer. I have a dream, but there’s no need to realize it today, besides I need to earn some money.’ Of course, everyone was spoke ill of her profession, but basically, it was all a question of selling her time, like everyone else. Doing things that she didn’t want to do, like everyone else. Putting up with horrible people, like everyone else. Handing over her precious body and her precious soul in the name of the future that never arrived, like everyone else. Saying that she still didn’t have enuf, like everyone else. Waiting just a little bit longer, like everyone else. Waiting so that she could earn just a little bit more, postponing the realization of her dream, she was too busy right now, she had great opportunities in front of her!.... "

Exactly why he is one of my favourite authors, he tries to get the world to discover things they already knew..but conveniently choose to forget again!

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sam said...

hey... thnks... u took me back to the point wen i had read 11 minutes.... the story from brazil to amsterdam to paris... captivates one for good... it is one of my favourites!!