Wednesday, April 09, 2008

IPL : Big game, Big Money...

Have you seen the new vides for all the IPL league teams... crores of rupees spent on "buying" the "auctioned" players...and now the videos for each team....the money spent on this one sport...that too not national is enough to sponsor all sports for I guess an entire year! I mean , and deserving players are going crazy looking for sponsors just because they chose to rifle shoot or do boxing instead of play cricket. Well here's all the video's incase u haven't checked them out yet..... of by the way- I forgot paying for the airtime, prime time airtime that these videos are being aired on....

The Official DLF Indian Premier League Promo

Deccan Chargers

Kolkata Knight Riders

1 comment:

Sam said...

oh.. its big money alright!!!
and den the IPL has started... wot do say abt dat??