Thursday, August 09, 2007

For your Grey Cells.....

"Right and Wrong - are two sides of a coin, depends on which side is facing you - or which side you choose to see ! "

I came across this saying and I have been doing a lot of thinking abt it since then….jst marveling at the fact that it is so true. Since time immemorial, we’ve been taught to think and do wat is right – but there’s no definition of “right”…its not a certainty, its jst a feeling. And that feeling is again based on your family, your upbringing, your social status, your peers, and your competitors… that can be permutated and combined in a million ways. So much so, given the same set of conditions, me and someone else would differ on their definition of right and wrong. There is truth that can lead us and there’s knowledge to guide us, but they are jst means to reach an end, and the end u want to reach, is solely decided by you.

When I was younger, I used to hate debates especially the ones where I was against the motion on some very generally accepted topic – I used to think of it as a perfect waste of time, trying to un-convince a certain set of very convinced people abt how wrong their idea is! But, it’s a blessing in disguise; it gave me the power to think abt more than wat meets the eye, think straight abt wat I was thinking and not be a part of the herd. And since the day I realized that, I always find myself in these heated debates or discussions (as some subtly put it), and always find myself at the side, which has the fewest takers. Its interesting to see how a society’s perception is imbibed in our thought process. I can’t say these people don’t think for themselves, but then I have to say their thought is methodically stemming from the years of rote learning abt right and wrong, from family, friends and society at large…in some cases, they are tolerant to hear everyone out…some are well, psychologically ear muffed, so whatever u say falls on deaf ears! Its so much easier to be a part of the herd- there’s hardly opposition at most times, unless u bump into people like me. I remember reading this line in a Novel – the author described people are like “Coca Cola Bottles” – there are so many all around the world and you can’t distinguish one from the other…because they are like robots, they lack thought and questioning and that makes them unrecognizably similar.

A friend of mine recently commented, that my life is so happening and so different and if properly told cud sell off for a novel – I had no clue how to react to it and took it as a compliment. My life is abt my choices, caring little abt wat the others expect me to do, think it’d be right…and doing wat I feel good about. However, it was these friends only, who’ve advised me ( though I haven’t been most receptive) , whom I have battled on coffee tables for hours, when they have jst gotten up and said – “U are impossible. When will u think straight??” and I had the devilish grin thinking “And when will you think???”

The only thing I feel for such friends is pity…how they go on with life without thinking…following wat others have to say, taking life in black and white and missin out on the grey…aah the greys…wat fun wud life be without the greys…they can be white or black…but I’d prefer them grey….but as they say to each one…his own!


Sam said...

well... i like a lil bit of color too :)
actually, it's all a matter fo choice!! you wanna break away from teh herd and be sure of winning hands down?? are you ready to risk teh glares?? if you are you can take the road least travelled!! though sometimes you need to take the regular channel just to be sure that you get wot you want... dats beinh shrewd is how i'd term it!!
The choice is yours.......

5c4r said...

Thinking diff is gud!! but not for everyone or as a matter of fact not all the time... It does feel nice to think diff.. every1 wants to see some color.. the few who dont are prob just ignorant.. but sometimes you need to be part of the herd, and the rite herd so to speak, so u have have someone to cover ur back when ur not looking.. so choose the rite words and think diff only when need is how i go about it.. cause with things like this you just might end up being the underdog..